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ADA Website Upgrade

For those that are interested.   People may have many types of disabilities.  Some are minor and some are not.  In all cases, our job is to try to make it easier for them to use your website and services.  Here are the types of improvements we add to your website:

  1. Clear and helpful page 
  2. Text descriptions for video and images
  3. Providing contrast between web page items to help them stand out
  4. Make sure all controls can be accessed solely from your keyboard
  5. Ensure users have control over time limits
  6. Provide a "Skip to Content" Link
  7. Every link should be clear from its context
  8. Make sure page elements are stable when they receive focus
  9. Provide an alternative to video and audio-only content
  10. Present items in reasonable order
  11. Audio speech of text on your pages

Plus, rules and technology is always changing.  You need to be on a platform that will change as well.

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The ADA Act was never intended to be evil.   It's actually a very good act that helps disabled people (and there are millions of them) access your website and services.   That means more business for you as well as doing the right thing for them.    The problem with the act is that it's a potential goldmine for unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of businesses that haven't yet upgraded their websites as they are required to do. 

AIt's easy to determine if your website is compliant.    We will send you a report that let's you know most everything you need to change to improve your website.   

Free ADA Website Compliance Check

Free ADA Website Compliance Check

SEO Benefit

Search engines (Google, Bing, etc) want to provide their users with the best search results.   They believe that websites that are ADA compliant are more likely to please their users. Improving your ADA compliance is an incredibly easy (and permenant way) to improve your SEO!