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You and/or your company are responsible for your website. You may be responsible for the laws where you are located, where you ship or advertise as well as the country your visitors come from.

It’s possible that if an Irish customer uses your website, even if you’re not targeting Irish customers, that you are liable to follow European laws. It can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming to manage all this. So, has partnered with iuBenda to provide low-cost and automated solutions to help you.

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Attorney-level solutions to make your websites compliant with the law across multiple countries and legislations. As laws change their attorneys update your documents and tracking in order to stay compliant.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to use their services and/or consult with your attorney to properly protect yourself and inform users.

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What are the main requirements for websites and app owners?


Privacy and Cookie Policy

This policy clearly explains to your users what their privacy rights are as well as describe how you use Cookies (behind the scenes tracking) to support them.

Self-updating and available in 8 languages, drafted by an international legal team, and up to date with the main international legislation.

Active and Included with your website $0.

EU Cookie Law

EU Cookie Law

If you have users from the EU, you must display a cookie banner, provide a cookie policy, acquire consent for the installation of cookies and block profiling cookies until consent has been obtained.


Add $9/month up to 25,000 views

Add $48/month up to 500,000 views

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Inform your users of the Terms and Conditions that your website operates. Most importantly, protect your company from potential liabilities.



$199 setup

GDPR Consent Management

GDPR Consent Management

If you have EU-based users and you use web-forms on your site
— such as newsletter sign-up forms or registration forms
— you must collect and maintain valid records of consent in order for the consent you’ve collected to be considered valid.



CCPA Disclosures

CCPA Disclosures

If you have a business and you target Californian consumers, you will need to comply with CCPA requirements. This includes making specific disclosures regarding your data processing practices and honoring consumer rights

Included with GDPR management

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