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5 Effective Tips to Create Customer-Centric Landing Pages

5/10/2021, 7:26:27 AM


Are you planning to promote your products or services? How will you convert the visitors into customers? First thing first, if you want to grow your business up to the next level, you need to have a lot of leads. Yes, lots of leads will continue to come. And for this purpose, you need to have highly targeted, well-organized, and customer-centric landing pages. 

From copy to CTA, each and every element of your landing page must be designed in accordance with the needs of the users. 

In this post, we will cover all the essential steps to create a customer-centric landing page. But first, let's have a look at the basics.

What is a Landing Page

In simple words, the first page opened after clicking a link is called a landing page because you directly land on that page. It can be a home page, a product page, or even a blog post.  

But in digital marketing, a landing page is specially designed to attract and convert a particular audience through a campaign. 

In order to create a customer-centric landing page, the following are some key points you should keep in mind: 

Identify Your Target Audience 

Defining your target audience is the first and foremost thing before creating any marketing campaign or landing page. It must be obvious to you what are the real concerns of your target audience? And for this purpose, you have to conduct qualitative research. 

Perform different surveys and find out what your potential customer is searching for. You can also conduct interviews with the marketing experts to gain knowledge about your potential audience's major concerns. Do as much research as possible and know about their needs and requirements.

Build Trust and Reliability 

In today's competitive world, visitors are so quick to decide whether they should invest their precious time in a particular site or not. They judge your site in milliseconds. And if your site seems unreliable and irrelevant, you are going to lose the leads. 

Your page design must not be aimlessly put together. Make it authentic and always up to date. Craft your landing page by keeping your ideal customer in mind. 

You have to keep in mind that people don't care about how great your products or services are. The only thing they care about is how they can impact or help them. Don't brag about yourself. Keep constantly focusing on convincing the visitors how you can solve their problems. 

Moreover, don't state false promises. It will only make you unrealistic and unreliable in the eyes of visitors. Avoid using industry literature and over-promising words in your landing page's copy. 

For example, stating claims like "lose 30 kilograms in 5 days" if you are promoting a weight-loss product. Or something like "be a millionaire overnight with zero investment". If you promote your business services with these kinds of statements, it will only lead visitors to feel like, "oh, another overhype by over-promising. Keep it real!

Be Clear While Communicating Your Message 

There are two major elements on a landing page that help to convey a brand's message, i.e., the headline and the images. So, let's go deeper into how you can use compelling and relevant headlines and images on landing pages to increase the leads. 


Images play an essential role. People remember visual information more easily than text. So, focus on what images you are using on your landing page. They must be resonating with your brand. Use relevant images for your products or services. 

A good exercise is to delete all the copy of your landing page and then see if the images you have used convey your brand promises. Is it relatable at first glance? If not, then you have to pay attention to it for sure. 

Avoid using stock images. They can hurt your brand's value and uniqueness. Using real images of your products and services will build trust and leave a great impression on the audience. It can actually help to improve your conversion rate.


It is the first noticeable component of a web page. It is stated that two out of ten people will read the entire content of a web page if they find the headline attractive. It must be written in such a way that it motivates the audience to take necessary action. 

The headline must reflect what users are going to get through your services or products. By reading the headline, users should be able to evaluate what they can expect from you. 

Stand Out in the Crowd 

You need to have a distinct position in the market if you want to excel in your business. Tell your audience how you are different from your competitors. Give them a reason why they should choose you rather than buying from someone else. And this can be done through a compelling copy on your landing pages. 

It is reported on

"Every competing company has some weak points – places where your brand can outperform" 

So, you just have to find your competitor's weak points and showcase them as your strengths in your landing page marketing campaign. 

A lot of companies are offering the same products and services with the same target audience. Glorify your brand's unique value position (UVP) through a killer web copy of your landing pages. 

Make the Design as Simple as Possible

Your landing page's user flow must be like walking in a park, but please make sure it's not Jurassic Park. 

Keep the navigation of your landing page as simple and easy as possible. The CTAs must be prominent and catchy. Moreover, forms should be easy to fill. Don't make the visitors feel like they are writing thesis research while filling up the form. 

The design of your landing page must be minimalistic. Remove all the distracting elements, such as tons of ads, links, copy, or stock images. 


As mentioned above, you need to have a solid understanding of your target audience and focus on how you can solve their problems. This is the way you can create highly customer-centric landing pages that will have higher conversion rates.

As a marketer, your work is never done. But all of these tips and tricks will help you create amazing landing pages, and ultimately you will achieve your goals.

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