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How Having a Bad Website Can Hurt Your Business

2/15/2021, 1:27:27 PM


How a Bad Website Can Hurt Your Business

A website is more like a virtual office and its look and feel can actually make the difference. If it is well-designed, loads fast and offers an easy user experience, you are more likely to get more repeat customers. On the other hand, if your website looks awful, takes forever to load and is difficult to navigate, it will leave a negative impression, increase bounce rate and decrease dwell time. Thus, it is important to have an amazing website to keep visitors engaged. 

Your website can make or break your brand image. Here’s how a bad website can actually hurt your business!

1. Poor Look and Feel Ruins Your Brand Image

If your website lacks an appealing design, you will definitely lag behind!

The primary purpose of building a website is to create online visibility and expand your reach. But what good can a website do if it fails to attract visitors in the first place? The color scheme used, the graphics added and the overall outlook is of prime importance to catch the attention of the audience. Thus, if your website looks terrible, you won’t be able to make a good first impression.

It is important to understand that if a website is hard to explore and is not aesthetically pleasing will disappoint prospects , and they'll skip your site. In the event that your rival offers similar services, however, with a more attractive site, you're probably not going to see that prospect again.

75% of consumers have reported that they judge a business’ credibility on the basis of its website design. If the website lacks quality and is outdated, users won’t validate you as a credible business.

If your website has a poor outlook, it will negatively impact your business. Here’s why! 

  1. Higher Bounce Rate

Nobody would bother to explore your website if its design is unattractive. Even if anyone lands on your homepage, he/she will leave the site instantly without a second thought if it’s not appealing to the eyes.

  1. Low Compatibility

If you are using an old layout that isn't viable with cell phones and different devices of more up to date models, the incompatibility will lead to poor user-experience resulting in losing potential customers.

  1. Awful Animation

The use of animation is not always a good idea. Inappropriate choice of animations makes your site hard to explore around, resulting in a low dwell rate. 

  1. Poor Website Navigation

This can adversely affect your leads and conversions. Complex structures and split connections can drive away clients. 

  1. Low-quality Images

Visitors will leave a site if its photographs added are irrelevant and make no sense to them. 

2. Bad User-Experience Damages Your Credibility

Bad User Experience Gives a Negative Impression

From boring and long sign-up structures to non-responsiveness of sites, to ineffectively made data models, an awful client experience can prompt a negative brand impression of an online business, and potential customers will prefer other websites offering similar services. 

As indicated by a recent report by Forrester, a strategically designed client experience can help you boost your conversions up to 400%. So, paying special attention to seamless user-experience can actually help to grow your business.

Client experience is perhaps the most basic driver for business success. The loading speed, reaction time, service accessibility, these factors influence how clients judge your brand. Therefore, it is important to ensure a good user-experience for gaining clients trust and staying top of the mind. 

3. Lack of Mobile-Friendly Design Costs You Hot Prospects

As per an estimate, over 51% of online users browse websites on their mobile phones

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are already missing out on the major portion of your target audience.

Here's a quick breakdown of why having a responsive site is REALLY FREAKING IMPORTANT! 

  1. Google doesn't prefer non-responsive sites, which means lower rankings.
  2. Traffic to non-responsive sites has a higher bounce rate.
  3. Lower rankings imply less traffic.
  4. Less traffic implies fewer possibilities to associate with.
  5. Fewer possibilities imply less expected income. 
  6. Less income implies less expected benefit. As simple as it sounds!

A couple of elements play a crucial role in responsive website composition, including mobile-optimization, web page design, and format.

Simply stated, if you don’t have a responsive website, you will miss hot leads. If you want to make your website easily accessible to mobile users, can help and create a mobile-responsive website for you!

4. Poor Optimization Leads to Low Search Engine Ranking

A Well-Optimized Website is a Key to Drive More Traffic

Boosting your website traffic and brand awareness is like a far-fetched dream without understanding SEO. In the fierce competition in the digital world, it is important to secure a high rank on Google’s first page. If your site is not on the first page, it really doesn't matter where it is. Why? Because most of the users don’t bother to search on page 2. 

You need to have an optimized website to make it easily accessible by the target audience. For those, who don’t know much about SEO, seeking professional SEO services can help.

5. Outdated Information Leaves a Negative Impact

Fresh and Updated Content is Important to Enhance Your Website Credibility

If your website is outdated, it's not positioning high in web searches, which implies you can't be discovered on the web. And luckily, if users do figure out how to discover you, the negative impression of an outdated site will make new prospects probably click away. 

Moreover, audiences expect the best in class client experience when they visit a site. And if your company's site isn't state-of-the-art, you will lose the leads.

Furthermore, everybody browsing your site (from employees to clients) is in danger if your site and its security conventions are outdated. Thus, you need to make sure your site is up-to-date and offers a secure experience. 


A bad website can damage your credibility, ruin your brand image and result in losing clients. Thus, it is essential to take professional assistance in order to have a flawless, fast-loading and SEO optimized website. Need help? We are just a few clicks away!

In case you are struggling to improve the outlook and speed of your website, is a great tool for you to use to update your site.

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