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7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

02/12/2020 12:00 AM


7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

We are living in an era where everything is running online. Mainly because of the crisis of COVID-19, it is the online wheel on which the business world is running. But if you want your business to go and grow some extra miles in 2020, your website needs to have a unique and appealing web design. Your website should attract the consumer and deliver value.

The following are the common mistakes even experienced web designers are often guilty of.

Non-responsive Web Design

Initially, websites were designed merely for desktops. But in today's world, the usage of mobile phones, tablets, and other networking gadgets has spread like a wild-fire. Most people use mobile phones and tablets. And if your website design is non-responsive to these gadgets, then you are not far from a loss. Your website is not going to have enough traffic to accomplish the desired goals. It is so frustrating for a user if the website is not working efficiently. Just imagine you have opened a website on your phone or tablet, and it is not responding correctly. What would be your reaction?

Too Much or Inadequate Elements 

Having extremes in terms of inserting elements in your website must be avoided. Having a flood of details on the website is not a good option at all. It will confuse visitors. You don't have to lodge a massive variety of complex facets at once. It will only create a mess and distract the visitors.

On the other side of the pole, too little going on can also be a threat to your website. Having minimalistic design looks trendy but make sure you communicate your message. Your visitor needs to understand who you are and what you are presenting. There must be a clear direction, and it is essential to maintain a visual hierarchy in your website design.

Too Confusing Web Design

Always choose one theme for your website design. Making a trifle with various color pallets, themes, images, and type phases is absolutely a wrong approach. Generally, it means that you like multiple themes and templates and cannot choose one, so you mix them up. Creating contrasts and merging things is an art, but imagine having a pizza with cherries on top? Does it make any sense? No!

Misleading Content and Low-quality/irrelevant Images and Videos

Content is a crucial part of any website. It is the source of building a connection with the visitors. Your website's content has to be appealing enough to the reader. It must be clear, concise, and resonate with the needs and wants of the audience.

Plus, the typeface also plays an important role. Do not use too much text. Break the book where it is possible. Pick a suitable font size and an attractive font according to the theme. Do not use light grey text on a white background. The content must be easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. Always make fair use of white space. 

Moreover, never pack up your website with low quality or irrelevant graphics. Pasting too much or too big pictures is also not a good idea. It will only distract your visitor. If you have inserted any video on the website, make sure that the autoplay has turned off. It annoys visitors. 

Slow Load Time

It is reported that if a website does not load within 4 seconds, there is a high probability that the visitor will hit the back button. And approximately 70% of websites take 5 to 7 seconds to load. So it is cardinal for your website to have a good loading speed. 

Annoying Navigation 

Your site should be easy to navigate. If the visitor struggles to find the menu and search bar on your website, it will not generate revenue. Furthermore, hidden contact information is also a significant drawback. It must be added to every page of your site.

Ads in Inappropriate Places

It is something unpleasant that can't be avoided because they are the main income streams. But pasting too many ads is not recommended. It will merely distract visitors. Besides this, too loud and too flashy ads are also ill-advised. Be very careful about the pop-ups. They must be quickly close and not cover the full screen. No one will be willing to sign up for your email list without even visiting the site properly. Set at least 2 minutes for the pop-ups to appear on the screen after the visitor has opened the site.

Keep all these points in mind, and hire professional website design services to get a responsive, fast, and well-designed website.

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