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7 Top Ecommerce Design Trends in 2021

03/12/2020 12:00 AM


7 Top Ecommerce Design Trends in 2021

Website design trends are changing continuously. New concepts and ideas are being introduced every year. Various web design concepts and user patterns that were ignored in the past are now growing in importance. Designers need to update the designs regularly to ensure that customers have the best shopping experience. 

Whether you are a designer or owner of an eCommerce website, you can’t afford to lag behind the competition. Below are some top Ecommerce design trends to follow in 2021.

1. Reign of Mobile

Previously, web designs needed to be responsive and adaptive. Designers used to create desktop web pages that can be accessed easily on a wide range of mobile devices. However, things are changed now. 

A huge number of website visitors prefer using their smartphones to shop online. Thus, companies had to shift their focus to make sure that they are making the most out of their business.

Designers are creating eCommerce websites for mobile-first and only adapt to larger screens. Soon we will see more mobile-friendly features on eCommerce websites like long scrolling pages, finger-friendly icons, and card-like layouts. 

2. Interactive Shopping: Use of Animations and Cinemagraphs

Designers are looking forward to creating eCommerce websites having interactive elements. Many websites are using animations and innovative interactions to help visitors navigate quickly by simply tapping or swiping. Ecommerce websites will have more cool buttons, an animated loading bar, and icon rotations to grab website visitors' attention. 

Cinemagraphs can be used on the homepage. Cinemagraphs are images that are having small and repeating animations. They are created in GIF format, but they come in a more subtle form. In 2021, we will see Ecommerce websites using cinemagraphs.

3. Striking Colors

We have seen designers using minimalism and white space in the past few years. In 2021, designers will try more bold and bright colors to make a website pop. However, website colors are not only for aesthetics, but they are used to connect with visitors. The intelligent use of colors in Ecommerce websites can help convey messages and bring a positive shopping experience. 

5. Chatbot

Visitors ask for a personalized shopping experience, and to handle this, Ecommerce websites use chatbots with artificial intelligence. They are much like digital assistants that help businesses bring innovative ways for serving their customers. 

Primarily, chatbots are used to answer the queries of customers regarding products and their usage. But they can also help to do more for you. Some chatbots are designed to provide the best shopping experience for customers.

6. Original Photography

A picture speaks thousands of words. This is the reason why you need to use only beautiful and high-quality pictures for your brand. By keeping this thing in mind, custom photography will surely be a hot trend in 2021. 

7. Storytelling

You can tell a great brand story by making use of various design approaches. Well, a good story can help to breathe life into a lifeless brand. Brands that give importance to establish an emotional connection between the visitors through storytelling can earn trust and credibility from their customers. Storytelling is helpful to make your eCommerce business stand out from the crowd.

8. Improved Security

According to Dell Security Annual Threat, the malware attacks in 2016 were nearly doubled to 8.19 billion. Ecommerce websites need improved security to make the platform secure for buyers or visitors. 

Today eCommerce website embraces HTTPS encryption to get better security and increase customer confidence while shopping. 

Let’s Wrap it Up

2021 is going to be an excellent year for web design trends. Many new trends will be introduced in the coming year, and as a designer, it is important to keep an eye on and follow all updated trends instead of using old and outdated designs. 

Keep these 7 top eCommerce design trends to build a website that meets your end-users' current needs and demands. These tips will help you to develop an elegant website that will be loved by your visitors. 

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